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The life we are given is a gem; and I have seldom read it described as such. Genia Stemper, has a rare touch, so in tune is she with the universe, that she can impart a vision of our journey here on earth with both wistfulness and hope. I have never felt ashamed to write a review of a book I have enjoyed, but this book has left me stumped-I do not have the words to justify it. It is a story of friendship, health and healing. A tale that makes death so much a part of life that it can be embraced rather than avoided. A wisp of the feather that tickles us into enchantment, while still dusting us with the knowledge of the unfairness of fate. Nevertheless, giving a ghost of a reason for our suffering. In the finale, we are given a message of longevity, the thread of reason, the dolphin at the end of the rainbow, whom we know soared from the waves, just for us; simply to make us feel better.
If you read one book this year, make it this one.